Hair Loss (Alopecia)

Hair loss affects 66% of men by age 35 and 40% of women by age 40 according to the American Hair Loss Association. But hair loss treatments are available at our Bountiful Dermatology clinic.

Medical problems, genetics, some prescription medications, and hair styles are a few of the factors contributing to hair loss. The causes of hair loss, severity, and past treatment results impact available hair loss solutions for each person, which may include a single treatment or combination of treatment approaches.

There are several ways hair loss can be stopped and hair re-growth can be stimulated here at the Bountiful clinic. Topical, injectable, and internal medications are available from your dermatologist depending on the nature of your alopecia. It all starts with a visit to Ogden Clinic dermatology. Schedule your visit to our Ogden or Bountiful location to get to the root of your hair loss and begin a customized treatment plan from hair growth.


Over-the-Counter Hair Loss Solutions

Several over-the-counter (OTC) are available in liquid, foam or other topical ointments. Minoxidil, an OTC hair loss solution may be applied to the scalp to stimulate hair growth on the top of the scalp. However, continued use is necessary to prevent recurrence of hair loss.

Prescription Medication Treatments for Hair Loss in Bountiful

If other methods don’t give you the results you need, visit Ogden Clinic Bountiful for a hair loss treatment and growth assessment. Our experienced dermatologists and staff have helped thousands of people restore their hair loss and confidence. Finasteride is a prescription medication for use in men that stops the body from producing a key, male hormone associated with hair loss, dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Corticosteroids may also be injected into the scalp to reduce hair loss caused by inflammation in both men and women. These are just a couple conservative methods that help aid in hair loss.

Reinvigorate your self-esteem and appearance with a customized hair growth and hair loss treatment plan by scheduling your consultation in Bountiful today.


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