eTwo Sublative/Sublime Treatment  

If you are looking for a precise dermatology treatment that works to make your skin more youthful, eTwo is the program for you. The dual eTwo Sublative/Sublime Treatment at Ogden Clinic Bountiful uses electrical radio frequency energy instead of hot lasers to treat your skin.

Imagine a minimally invasive, minimally discomforting treatment that optimizes your look in as little as one month. This is what eTwo has the potential to do for you. Ogden Clinic’s Bountiful dermatologists use this innovative laser to treat several types of skin imperfections.

Two Parts, One Goal

  • Sublative Rejuvenation at Ogden Clinic Dermatology tightens your skin safely by employing the energy of electrical radio frequencies. The result is a more precise fractional treatment that can reduce wrinkles, shrink pores and get rid of the negative cosmetic effects of acne scarring and the fine lines that come with age.

  • Sublime Skin Contouring at Ogden Clinic Dermatology combines just the right amount of low intensity infrared light to the radio frequency treatment to firm up your skin and tighten your lax points.

Both treatments are performed on the same day in our Bountiful dermatology office. You will experience no downtime in your schedule, and very few, if any, side effects.

Fast Results

The dual eTwo treatment is performed three times, one time a month for three months in total. The treatment plan can be used for skin of any color. You may begin to see substantial results as soon as one month after the final treatment, with your optimal aesthetic coming a maximum of three months after the final treatment.

You should also see an improvement in the regularity of your skin as well as less sagging and wrinkling. You should also see a reduction in the size of your pores and less acne scarring.

Your Next Move to Great Skin

You have the option for eTwo treatment at Ogden Clinic Bountiful Dermatology. Call us today to discuss the treatment plan that is right for you.