Vbeam Laser Therapy

The image you present to the world begins with your face. If you have a skin condition such as a birthmark, broken blood vessels or rosacea, your self-confidence could be adversely affected. Fortunately, Ogden Clinic dermatologists in Bountiful have treatment options that provide you with a safe and effective alternative to living with these conditions. One popular treatment we provide is called VBeam laser therapy.


What is Vbeam laser therapy?

A non-invasive treatment option, Vbeam uses laser beam pulses of different colors to target the blood vessels involved. These blood vessels are heated which causes them to collapse. During the laser pulses, a cooling spray is used to help minimize the pain that is part of the process. Because the Vbeam treats dilated blood vessels it is sometimes also called a vascular laser.


The Patient's Experience

Easy to use and effective, Vbeam laser therapy provides treatment for a range of skin conditions including scars, warts, port wine stains, vascular lesions, stretch marks and more. Like any other medical treatment, there are possible side effects that could be experienced by patients who have Vbeam laser therapy. The most common of these, swelling and redness, are very mild and tend to last less than a week. To combat these side effects, you can wear makeup as soon as treatment is complete.

Ogden Clinic dermatologists and their team love Vbeam laser therapy because of the superior results it offers our patients. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover your radiant beauty.