Mohs Surgery for Skin Cancer

Some skin cancers can be deceptively large and more extensive underneath the skin than they appear from the surface. In other cases, skin cancers can reoccur following previous treatment and send out extensions deep beneath the scar tissue that has formed following treatment. In either case, Mohs surgery is the most advanced method to remove skin cancer. Mohs surgery in Bountiful is designed to remove skin cancer by tracking and removing the cancerous cells, layer by layer of skin.


Mohs Surgeon Requirements

A board-certified dermatologist with fellowship training in Mohs Surgery is the only professional qualified to perform this delicate procedure. Dr. Michael Hadley has completed over 20,000 Mohs skin cancer surgeries in Bountiful. He has specialized skills in dermatologic surgery, dermatopathology, Mohs micrographic surgery and reconstructive surgery. In addition, our Bountiful facility features all of the surgical and laboratory equipment needed to perform Mohs surgery, complete with well-trained staff members who assist Dr. Hadley. Dr. Hadley sees skin cancer patients throughout Bountiful, Davis County, and North Salt Lake City for Mohs Surgery.

Mohs Surgery Efficacy

Other forms of skin cancer removal can’t predict how much skin needs to be removed and wide safety margins are employed. Some surgeons remove up to 200% of excess tissue with traditional skin excision of skin cancer. Mohs surgery boasts the highest cure rate while sparing the most healthy tissue. The result of Mohs skin cancer suegery in Bountiful is usually a smaller scar and a faster recovery.

Advantages of Mohs Micrographic Surgery

  • Highest cute rate available for skin cancer
  • Performed start-to-finish by a fellowship-trained skin cancer expert
  • Smallest amount of skin is removed, decreasing the amount of scarring
  • Cosmetic reconstruction completed by Dr. Hadley
  • All done under local anesthesia in our office

How is Mohs Surgery Performed in Bountiful?

Step 1: Dr. Michael Hadley will surgically remove the visible portion of the cancerous tumor. 

Step 2: A layer of skin is removed and divided into sections. Dr. Hadley then color codes each of these sections with dyes and makes reference marks on the skin to show the source of these sections. A map of the surgical site is drawn.

Step 3: Dr. Hadley will microscopically examine the undersurface and edges of each section for evidence of remaining cancer. 

Step 4: If cancer cells are found under the microscope, Dr. Hadley marks their location on to the map and returns to the patient to remove another layer of skin from precisely where the cancer cells remain.

Step 5: This process is repeated until cancer is no longer present under the microscopic evaluation of skin. Because Mohs surgery removes only tissue containing cancer, it ensures that the maximum amount of healthy tissue is kept intact.

The cure rate for basal and squamous cell skin cancer is close to 100% when detected at an early stage. Dr. Michael Hadley also performs cosmetic reconstruction of the surgical site following skin cancer removal. His motto is “You and I will know something was removed, but no one else will.”

For a professional skin check  or to learn more about Mohs Surgery in Bountiful, give our office a call today.



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“Dr. Hadley and his staff are knowledgeable, warm, efficient, and helpful-they examined my skin and recommended an ideal treatment and product plan that fit my budget and skincare goals. They clearly explained which processes offer the greatest benefit, the pros and cons of each option, and the pricing structure...”

— Virginia Gowski

“I am very high on the service and care that I get from Dr. Michael Hadley and his staff. I recently had two more MOH's surgeries with Dr. Hadley and was extremely impressed with the his medical skills, his desire to make sure all the cancer was gone, his sensitivity to keeping my pain level in check and his expertise in the wound closure procedures..."

— Paul Gardiner

"Friendly staff at front entry. Dr. Michael Hadley is skilled in MOHS surgery and has a goal of making scars as unnoticeable as possible. Office appointments run very close to scheduled. Would recommend to anyone without reservation."

— Nancy Hoyt