Professional Skin Checks

More than a million people are diagnosed with skin cancer every year and it’s estimated that 1 in 5 Americans will be affected by some form of skin cancer in their lifetime. Although this statistic is scary, skin cancer mortality is rare and very preventable with early detection. Skin cancer can affect people of all skin types and colors. Your risk of skin cancer is increased if you have a sibling, parent, or another family member who’s had melanoma. The earlier abnormalities are found, the better the cure rate is.

That’s why Ogden Clinic’s Bountiful Dermatologists perform professional skin exams, mole removal, and cancer screenings in their office. Skin exams are the most effective way to detect abnormalities early. It’s recommended to receive a professional skin cancer check at least once a year. People with a family history of skin cancer or those who tend to develop moles often may require an exam more frequently.


What happens during a skin cancer check in Bountiful? 

An average skin exam at Ogden Clinic takes only 10-15 minutes, although it could be longer depending on how many moles you have. To prepare for your screening, you’ll need to remove all makeup and nail polish. If you’ve never had a professional exam, ask Dr. Michael or Jason Hadley to demonstrate how to do a proper self-exam so you can understand what to look for.

A professional skin exam is a head-to-toe skin check that will also include your scalp, between your toes, and even your nailbeds—areas that do not receive much direct sunlight but still run the risk of developing cancer.

What if I have a suspicious mole?


Any new or changing mole should be evaluated to make sure that it is not cancerous. If you have numerous moles (20 or more), you are at increased risk for atypical moles. Your Bountiful dermatologist will examine each mole to determine if it may need to be removed for biopsy.

Mole biopsy can be performed in-office during your professional skin exam. The area is numbed with a local anesthetic before the mole is removed with a technique called excisional surgery. There is no downtime following mole biopsy and you will receive the results of your biopsy within a couple weeks.

A professional skin cancer check in Bountiful is the most effective way to prevent skin cancer and detect early development. All types of skin cancer can be managed and it all starts with early detection. Call our office in Bountiful today to schedule your annual skin check or mole removal.


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